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We made history together, now we want to preserve it.

We want your Qoöl stories! (and pictures too!)

What you helped create at the 111 Minna Gallery on Wednesdays between 1995 to 2010 was nothing short of remarkable. We made history together, now we need your help to preserve it. 

Did you visit Qoöl for one night, or did you call Qoöl home?  Did you meet your significant other there? Were you one of the DJs? Do you remember the construction of the 2nd room, or when the DJ booth was on top of the bathrooms? Did you have a Qoöl Qard, and how did you get it?  We would love to hear from you, even if you only have a brief recollection to share! Even just letting us know you were there is great. 

Please get in touch using this email form, or email us directly at events [at] looq [dot] com.

 Thank you!  And please share with anyone you know from Qoöl back in the day. Thanks again!