Have A Qoöl Experience Even When You Can't Get To Qoöl

We think it's so much nicer to see you at Qoöl in person, but if you can't make it because you're stuck at the office, out of town, or just don't live or work anywhere near Qoöl, we now have a couple "to go" options for you.  

The first and perhaps most exciting is the live stream. It is exactly what the name implies, a live stream, directly from The Qoöl Happy Hour, as it happens (duh).  We tested an audio-only version of this last week and it worked brilliantly. We're going to add video as soon as we can, probably this week. We are using ustream.tv to make it all happen which means you'll have to endure a quick little one time only signup with them in order to get your streaming going.  They've also got a mobile app that works amazingly well, so Qoöl on the go is possible too! 

Here's our url for the live streaming:


Special thanks to Mr. Dan Sherman for spearheading the streaming project. 

The second option we have for remote seekers of the Qoöl experience is our newly dusted off Soundcloud page. We'll be posting DJ mixes here for you to stream or download whenever you want. We are inaugurating Qoöl soundcloud page with a fresh mix series entitled "Qoöl Sessions". Spesh has stepped up to do the first in the series, it's available now, and it's quite good so check it out! 

Here's the Qoöl Soundcloud link: 



Qoöl is now available wherever you see this sign. 

Qoöl is now available wherever you see this sign.