Saying Goodbye To One Of Our Own - Dave Richardson AKA Hyper D (1962 - 2014)

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that David Richardson aka Hyper D passed away in late December 2014. Dave was an original Qoöl resident DJ and one of the party’s biggest contributors. He died at home of apparent natural causes, and it goes with out saying that he left us way too soon.

Hyper D played so many rolls for Qoöl and the 111 Minna Gallery  at various times - gallery manager, bar manager, VJ (as Hyperdelic), resident DJ, Loöq Records artist (as Art of Hot), sound man, janitor, advisor, humorist, and confidant. 

There are so many stories about Dave and so many lives that he touched.  This piece written by Qoöl co-founder JD Moyer (AKA Jondi) will give you some idea of who Hyper D was to us, and to many who knew him through Qoöl:

“Hyper D, Dave Richardson, was a friend and part of the family that made Qoöl at 111 Minna Gallery happen for 15 years. I knew him as an artist, DJ, and music maker. He loved entertaining people but not in a comfortable, easy way -- he was a mind opener. He was anti-establishment. He adopted San Francisco as his own and gave tourists incorrect directions. He had excellent taste. He'd hung out with Timothy Leary. As Mike Feeney pointed out he drank beer out of a glass like a human being. He was a Qoöl resident DJ along with Stephen Spesh Kay, Kimon A's Flanagan, Scott Carrelli, Mark Musselman, Marc Kate, and Gil. He released music on our label Loöq Records with Chris Demetras as ART OF HOT. One of their tracks was "Disco Break" which was on Dance Dance Revolution. He was an *originator* of an entire artistic field -- dance floor visuals. He was reliable and loyal and kind -- but also sharp-witted with a mind full of dangerous ideas. I remember many great nights hanging out with Dave and other friends … I wished Dave Happy Birthday (and many more) in June but we never know how many we'll get. I'll miss you Dave!”

We will miss you. Rest in peace, friend. 

If you can, please join us for a celebration of life for David Richardson aka Hyper Dave aka Hyper D on Saturday, January 31, 2:00PM - 4:00PM at the 111 Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco. Snacks and refreshments. Music provided by Looq/ Qool and Art of Hot.