From The Crowd To The DJ Booth: Biri

Some of the most intriguing DJs we have come across have spent many years among you, the audience. Meet Biri. Long time music fan, early adopter of Qoöl back in the day, voracious music listener, and now DJ. When a man like Biri gives you his heart through a DJ set it is time to stand up and listen. 

We caught up with the busy Biri (through Facebook of course!) to ask him a couple of hastily thought up questions. 

Qoöl: When and how did you happen to stumble upon the electronic music scene?

It started back in late 80s during college in Cleveland; I used to play electronic/alternative on the college radio station and there was an pioneering club called Nine of Clubs in downtown Cleveland where it came together and clicked for me

Q: What's the roll of music in your life? How did you evolve from music fan to DJ?

Very deep and interconnected with almost everything we do (my two daughters, wife & I). Played alternative rock/electronic on college radio way back in 2011, after 25+ years of listening/dancing, decided I wanted to play, so essentially taught myself, and learning every day... my progress here:

Q: Pick a moment in your relationship with music and describe it.

I'll do two if that's OK: (A) my first concert ever - Jethro Tull, 1985 in Chicago, we sang the entire 45+ mins lyrics to the 'Thick as a Brick' album; (B) went to Coachella this past year, and got to see Johnny Marr/The Smiths & New Order, after 25 years, along with my daughters....they song along to almost all the songs(!)

Q: What's your greatest joy in life?

Greatest joy: my daughters

You can hear Biri spin at Qoöl on May 29, from 5pm to 7pm. Missed it? Don't worry, we'll do our best to book him again soon. Keep your eyes on our events. 

Decades of listening goes into every set. 

Decades of listening goes into every set.