Welcome to Qoöl 2014, The Year of the Pop-Up Party!


We here at Qoöl have a history of breaking the mold. In fact, we've never really fit into one in the first place! We were the first to begin bringing DJs and electronic music to the happy hour time slot, thereby introducing a new way to party to a city that thought it had figured out every way there was to have fun.  We gave DJs short 45 minute DJ sets, and we started a music policy of having no real music policy, booking wildly different sounding DJs back to back in the same room. 

So in 2014 we're getting back to our roots of embracing the irregular and the different. We won't be on a set schedule of weekly, or monthly. To find out the when and where and who, you'll have to watch this space, or your Facebook news feed, or get on our email list.

We're also going back to some of the early concepts that set Qoöl apart in the first place, like those 45 minute DJ sets, and excitingly diverse DJ lineups that go against the city's recent trend toward segregated musical cliques. The Qoöl Qard is coming back too, but for now we won't say when or why. What is a Qoöl Qard you ask? Just another reason to watch this space…  

Qool Flyer - January 8 2014.jpg