Meet New Resident DJ - Will Spencer

Qoöl has crowned a new resident DJ and his name is Will Spencer! He joins fellow resident DJs Dan Sherman and Qoöl founder Spesh at the DJ helm of one of SF's longest running and most well regarded underground clubbing brands.

Will is a 13 year veteran to DJing, has played all over SF, around the country, in Europe, and of course at that dusty proving ground for all excellent DJs, Burning Man. But these raw credentials do not begin to describe what Will has selflessly and enthusiastically contributed to the scene around him, and that's really what makes Will special and a such a natural fit for Qoöl. He's warm and thoughtful, plus he's chock-a-block full of musical knowledge, and all of that translates directly into what you hear when Will steps up to play. 

Our admiration for this particular DJ is no secret. In fact we published a nice little interview with Will just last summer. You can also find Will on Resident Advisor and Soundcloud, and of course in person at the next Qoöl Happy Hour! 

Will Spencer, seen here emerging from obscurity at the 111 Minna Gallery.