Qoöl Introduces "A Really Good Margarita"

Most people just call it Qoöl but the full name is actually The Qoöl Happy Hour, and with a name like that, drinks are an essential part of the mix. So every once in a while we introduce a signature drink. We test drove (test drank?) this one last week, and we think it's going to stick around for a while because, hey, who doesn't love "A Really Good Margarita"? 

Formulated by longtime Qoöl and 111 Minna bartender Gustavo Trinker, "A Really Good Margarita" has tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, and a salted rim (by request), that's it! They're $7 bucks each, and they go down faster than one of our patented 45 minute Qoöl DJ sets.  


Qool Signature Margarita.jpg