How To Make Your Own Qoöl Qard

Ok, so you've heard about the Qoöl Qard, and are ready to declare yourself a Qoöl VIP.  On top of that you're totally shy and afraid to just ask someone for a Qard, and you also like craft projects. Read on dear Qoölio, because we have your back. 

How to make a Qoöl Qard:

1) Find a nice, blueish macro image of snowflake or ice crystal (Qoöl, get it?)

2) Place the words "Qoöl Qard" in a nice non-serif font right over the middle of the image, then crop or size to 3.375" x 2.125" so it looks like this.

3) Print your image onto overhead transparency film.

4) Cold laminate the transparency once or twice (once gives you a more flexible Qard, twice makes it more durable).

5) Trim.

6) Use your new card at the door at Qoöl instead of cash!