Qoöl Introduces Group Dynamic Pricing

The free entrance at Qoöl is over but that's no reason to fear approaching our door. In fact it could get a lot more fun with our new "Group Dynamic Pricing." (Or GDP, for short. We're pretty sure no one else uses that acronym.)

When you arrive at our next event, your door price options will look like this:

$5 - One person
$10 - Group of 4 people
$20 - Group of 10 people

If you're solo, the price is a standard $5. 

Show up with 3 friends, and you all enter for a ten spot. 

Or, if you roll deep, assemble 10 homies and cough up just one $20 bill, and you're in for like two bucks each!

Other creative ways to capitalize on this system include: 

  • Round up a posse at the office for after-work drinks (and *ahem* great music from SF's finest DJs)
  • Recruit your FB friends to arrive with you, showing off not only how popular you are, but how smart you are, as you explain to them the concept of "economies of scale" over cocktails.
  • If you're the spontaneous/adventurous type, recruit people right off the street, or even just outside the Qoöl door! SOMA is full of colorful characters with fascinating life stories to share.

We're obviously encouraging you to bring more people to Qoöl, but we're also pointing out that friends make everything better. Interacting with people is great fun and should be tried more often. 

Oh, and by the way, there's *still* a way to get into Qoöl free. It's called a Qoöl Qard, which you can find more about here

Qool Pricing.jpg