Rebirth of the Qoöl Qard

On February 12 2014, and for every Qoöl thereafter, we're bringing back our modest door charge, and with it, the Qoöl Qard.

So, what is a Qoöl Qard?

For the uninitiated, the Qoöl Qard (gotta spell it with a Q or it doesn't work!) was Qoöl's own original "VIP" card. Those that had it were allowed to skip lines AND the cover charge for every Qoöl. Sweet, huh?

Staring at our next event on Wednesday 2/12, the Qoöl Qard is coming back! It will work exactly the same way as before.  But read on, because there's something about this Qard that you should know.

The VIP aspect of the Qoöl Qard was and is, like many things on the surface of Qoöl, a misdirect. A clever ruse. A charade, if you will. Those who simply loved coming to Qoöl somehow all came to possess a Qard because they were the VIPs. Just loving the party made you important, simple as that. 

The velvet ropes on display outside Qoöl were also a misdirect, and held a secret symbolism. They were always arranged to be "open at the flanks, just like Qoöl itself." (Translation: We don't believe a rope hanging between two brass poles should tell you what to do. No matter how soft it is!!)

You see, Qoöl is really anti-cool. It's not a spot for the seekers of the white-hot and happening. It's not a place to see and be seen. Rather, it's a place to simply "be." And we think that's good. It opens up the field for the open-hearted. Including you.

For those of you that adopt Qoöl as your own, your Qard awaits. Read the FAQ to find out more, including how to get one.

Qoöl Qard - FAQ

Q: How do I get my Qard?
A: Go to Qoöl and ask around. You'll make new friends, and very likely get hooked up with a Qoöl Qard!

Q: I'm shy. Who do I know who has them?
A: Anyone and everyone. We'll be seeding "Qoöl Ambassadors" with stacks of cards to give out at their discretion. An Ambassador could be your childhood friend, your partner, your colleague, or your part-time lover. (We won't tell.) So ask around. They won't bite... unless you ask them to.

Q: Is my old Qoöl Qard from back in the day still valid?
A: Yes! If you can find it, we'll accept it, in any condition! Even if you have a hole-punched card, it'll work. In fact we're thinking about what sort of special thing we can do for anyone with a vintage hole-punch card. Any suggestions?

Q: I lost my old Qard. Can I get a new one?
A: Yes! Come down to Qoöl and let the door person know you need a replacement Qard. It will help if you can tell us how you received your original card in the first place. Our door person is sharp as a diamond tack and can spot someone taking the easy route to a Qard! ;)

Q: Can I make my own Qard?
A: Sure! If you're a DIY'er, just follow these simple instructions.

Q: Will the Qoöl Qard get me into the VIP area(s) at Qoöl?
A: Yes! Only because everyone who goes to Qoöl is a VIP, therefore the entire venue is one big VIP area. Woo!


P.S. If any of this is confusing or makes the "nightclubbing" part of your brain go "OMGWTFBBQ?" spend some time at Qoöl. You'll get it. We prömise. :)